Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky Leprechauns

Add Image     Don't let the Leprechauns fool you, they have ten differences hidden between them. 
     This illustration-puzzle is featured in the 3rd issue of the "Just Coz' " online newsletter. This is the first issue to publish my art online for Smiths Medical. However, my illustrations have been published in 5 previous print publications of this newsletter. 
     Each issue is designed to help consumers manage their diabetes more effectively. Whereas, the kids section is geared toward providing an upbeat, fun activity to help them cope with this daunting disease.


Nina Crittenden said...

SO fun to see it in color! Nice work, and a perfect post for St. Patty's Day!

Sharon Wagner said...

I think I've emailed you in all formats today. Way to go.

jon buschke said...

Your mom and I are proud of all your creative works so far. I wonder, were did you get all that talent?

Sharon Wagner said...

We're linked! I expect lots of spying now as to when I have and haven't blogged.

Amy Cerny Vasterling said...

Step it up Alicia! She makes art overnight but forgets to tempt us with her blogs!lol

Hope to see more of your work soon.