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Well I could think of a whole list of things to draw and post this Thanksgiving week. (i.e turkeys, crazed pepper spraying shoppers, or lots of fat overly stuffed tummies from the big holiday meal). So why show dancing chickens, then? Well, the chickens are whooping it up this week because no one is paying them any attention. With all the hype about Turkey dinners, leftovers and shopping 'til you drop while in a food-coma - the chickens are enjoying their time off. Whoo-hoo! Can you do the chicken dance?


After a rough day at work and the surmounting tasks of the upcoming holiday season, I stopped to take a breather.  I was helped by my two loyal office assistants who work tirelessly along side me day after day, (see "Diagram 1").  Actually, one is quite tired and one is not. -go figure.
On Wednesday, February 9th of this year - I attended a panel discussion of some of the great illustrators of our region (see 2.9.11 post).  One of the themes they all echoed when talking about their work was finding balance between work, life, family and health. It is so easy to get lopsided, especially when circumstances change, (i.e. the holiday rush).  No one had the "magic recipe" for how to achieve balance in one's life but they all concluded that it was vital and an ever evolving process.


This is a sketch a did awhile ago that I still think of time to time. I have never been here. Well, I have... in my imagination -or- maybe it is a cumulation of all the water fronts I have been to. That is the fun part about building a scene, you can take all your mental snapshots and meld them together and leave out the stuff not worth remembering to create a really beautiful place. It is summer in this place and the thunderheads are brewing off in the distance (but that part of the story is for another page to come).

To me it has more of the feel of the North Shore (MN) on Lake Superior than any of the other seascapes or lakes I have visited. I love how the water meanders back through to the horizon as it visits with each island or peninsula and continues on it's way. I can imagine a sailboat crossing between those points back and forth to take advantage of the building winds.