Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seven Random Facts

Thank you, Nina Crittenden for tagging my blog with this shiny Versatile Blogger Award. Not so sure how versatile my blog is, but don't-look-a-gift-horse-in-the-mouth, so they say. Here are the directions, I need to:

  1. Thank the person who bestowed the award on you
  2. List seven random facts about yourself — seven... eegads!
  3. Spread the love by passing along the award to five other bloggers – and let them know

Thanks again, Nina! Best wishes for 2012! *hugs* Nina is a great friend and an awesome blogger.

Ok, Seven Random Facts about me...

1. I love to garden. Not the plant your pansies in a pot kind of gardening, I like to get down and dirty: build rock gardens; dig holes; move plants and haul dirt in my trusty-wheel barrow.  I spend all winter scheming which patch of grass will succumb to my next hostile take-over. wa-ha-ha!
2. I love to cross country ski. I spend Minnesota's other season, "Not-Winter" getting in shape so I don't hurt myself. -wish me luck, I'll need it. 
P.S. Send snow. So far this Winter season has been dry. I am probably the only Minnesotan sad about this!
3. I have a pencil sharpener that is shaped like a nose. To sharpen, insert pencil up the nostril and turn.
4. I have lived in Scotland and Germany.
5. Ich spreche fließend Deutsch, aber Pig-Latin kapiere ich überhaupt nicht.
6. I have a photographic memory, but I am terrible at remembering names.
7. Phew.. here we are at seven. Do you really want me to keep going? -Because I'm having a hard time coming up with these. Oh, and I'm late for lunch... and I won't be eating bread. (oops, that was eight random facts). Enjoy!

And now to pass on this award to five fabulous bloggers who need another "shout-out": 
Nina CrittendenAnne Adix FabieBarb BjörnsonSara Weingartner, and Sharon Wagner.


Stacy A. Gray said...

I have a pencil sharpener shaped like a gummy bear, but you don't put the pencil up his nose. Poor guy! Nice illustrations!

Nina Crittenden said...

Now everyone nose how sharp your pencils are! LOL! Oh, Stacy.... that poor gummy bear. haha

Sharon Wagner said...

I have a pencil sharpener in a cat's behind. Given to me by Amy Vasterling. Ha! I have my illustrations to thank for that one.