Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seven Random Facts

Thank you, Nina Crittenden for tagging my blog with this shiny Versatile Blogger Award. Not so sure how versatile my blog is, but don't-look-a-gift-horse-in-the-mouth, so they say. Here are the directions, I need to:

  1. Thank the person who bestowed the award on you
  2. List seven random facts about yourself — seven... eegads!
  3. Spread the love by passing along the award to five other bloggers – and let them know

Thanks again, Nina! Best wishes for 2012! *hugs* Nina is a great friend and an awesome blogger.

Ok, Seven Random Facts about me...

1. I love to garden. Not the plant your pansies in a pot kind of gardening, I like to get down and dirty: build rock gardens; dig holes; move plants and haul dirt in my trusty-wheel barrow.  I spend all winter scheming which patch of grass will succumb to my next hostile take-over. wa-ha-ha!
2. I love to cross country ski. I spend Minnesota's other season, "Not-Winter" getting in shape so I don't hurt myself. -wish me luck, I'll need it. 
P.S. Send snow. So far this Winter season has been dry. I am probably the only Minnesotan sad about this!
3. I have a pencil sharpener that is shaped like a nose. To sharpen, insert pencil up the nostril and turn.
4. I have lived in Scotland and Germany.
5. Ich spreche fließend Deutsch, aber Pig-Latin kapiere ich überhaupt nicht.
6. I have a photographic memory, but I am terrible at remembering names.
7. Phew.. here we are at seven. Do you really want me to keep going? -Because I'm having a hard time coming up with these. Oh, and I'm late for lunch... and I won't be eating bread. (oops, that was eight random facts). Enjoy!

And now to pass on this award to five fabulous bloggers who need another "shout-out": 
Nina CrittendenAnne Adix FabieBarb BjörnsonSara Weingartner, and Sharon Wagner.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Congrats to Yvette Piette Herrera, the winner of the SCBWI Tomie dePaola contest: , and to all those who placed! Good job! 

Thank you, Diandra Mae for creating the blog which features our Tomie dePaola Facebook group submissions: Click here to see more than 200 out of the total 300 submissions.

I can't wait to try again next year.