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Website Move!

After lots of packing and unpacking, my website has a new home at:

Trudi Tribute

If only our pets could live longer than they do. Our English Springer Spaniel, Trudi lost her bounce and passed away last Friday after a grueling battle with a mysterious disease. Trudi was a great dog, I miss her a lot. She has provided me with much impetus to create art and enjoy life. She was at my side in the studio reassuring me with sighs and snoring.

An eternal optimist, Trudi never met a person she didn't like. And if you didn't, she'd try her best to change your mind with sweet doggie kisses. She thought everyone would feel better with some kisses.

When she was healthy, Trudi was a lean-running machine tearing a permanent rut into the sod during her numerous hairpin turns around the circumference of our yard that she could circuit for hours. She held the bunnies and squirrels in check. And so, our signal for taking her out became, "Bunnies-n-Squirrels!" Even if she was sound asleep, hearing that phrase would make her jump up with enthusiasm. Being outsi…