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Gardening nightmares

If any of you garden, you know that well, sometimes a plant can grow "out of control". Gardening is a passion of mine, and while I don't really mind taming the green little beasts that grow from time to time. I am sometimes taken back by how certain plants take over more aggressively than others.
     Do they have a mind of their own? Probably not, but some plants so are well equipped at taking over they even manage to get us to help them (i.e. the dandelion, the apple tree, and the tulip).
     You may be surprised or confused at my choices of plants. But the dandelion loves groomed grass lawns. Every time we mow them down we generously spread their seeds that blow over into our neighbor's yard.
     The apple tree entices us so much with it's sweet aroma that we have moved it far from it's native home in central Asia across the vast oceans to new continents. The little apple seed would never be able to accomplish such a journey without our help.