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HOORAY! I came up with 97 ideas in a month for picture books! Now, if you'll please excuse me. I'm off to start writing them into manuscripts...
This month I will be generating 30 picture book ideas as part of the PiBoIdMo challenge. Excuse me, I've got some brainstorming to do!

Critique Groups and more!

Once a month, I co-host the monthly meet-up for the Minnesota Chapter of SCBWI. This group is for all MN-SCBWI members to participate and give and take critiques on their writing and illustrations. Due to the FAQ's asked at the group by folks beginning their Children's Book journey to publication, I've added a few new pages to my blog.

Tutorials - stop by and get how-to advice
Good Reads - look at my growing list of books on craft.


Spunky Monkey

All summer I've been studying Character Design and character driven picture books. This is a sample of a character I developed a few years back. It's nice to visit with your drawings after not seeing them for awhile. It's funny, I saw it and I still like her. So, I redrew and reworked this one based off an old sketch. I'm glad I did.


I've been doing a lot of dinosaur research lately. I discovered a new species of bike riders. Ok, maybe not, but I think if the Ceratosaurus had had some wheels (back in the day), they would have been as pleased as punch.

Collaboration is Crucial

I am the Illustrator Coordinator for the Minnesota chapter of SCBWI. A position that I am growing into and have really enjoyed because it gives me many opportunities to get out and meet with our chapter members that I might not take if I were less involved. It is so easy when working-from-home to stay in the cocoon of your familiar surroundings. Whether that be the walls that you live within or the part of town you are from.
I recently left town to attend the 2013 NY SCBWI Conference. It was my first national conference and very inspiring to hear all of the speakers, meet colleagues from around the country. And meet many of the volunteers from the others SCBWI regional chapters. We had dinner and conversed on what topics and workshops we found to work well in our own regions, share ideas and recommendations. I am so thankful to be involved in such a great organization.
Today our Minnesota SCBWI chapter hosted a monthly group meeting called “A Mixer”. Although it sounds like something in…

You give me the butterflies...

Valentines Day is coming soon!