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Amazing People

People are capable of the most amazing feats if they set their mind to it. Four days ago, a Swede skied to the South Pole in his wheelchair. (news article)

I recently created this image for the non-profit  They teach people breathing techniques to empower and improve their health. I used this image of a woman climbing a mountain in her wheelchair.

I can imagine South Pole adventurer Aron Anderson feels empowered having trekked all the way there with only the use of his arms. Amazing!

I love BEARS!

26/31: box

Par Avion!

24/31: one dozen #inktober

23/31: slow

22/31: little

21/31: big #inktober

2016 MN SCBWI Fall Conference

Big thanks, to all our fabulous speakers, volunteers, mentors and mentees!
We held our annual MN SCBWI Fall Conference on October 22-23, 2016.
Onwards and upwards!

19/31 Flight #INKTOBER

17/31: battle #INKTOBER

16/31: wet #inktober

15/31: relax #INKTOBER

14/31: tree #INKTOBER

13/31: scared #INKTOBER

12/31: worried #INKTOBER

Our MN SCBWI Fall Conference is this weekend. Will I ever get caught up with #inktober?

11/31: transport #INKTOBER

My first playmate/friend was my brother. We used to build things together, as kids. I preferred his toys over mine because we could combine his toys and "engineer" new toys from them, or make a big, huge tower.

I am a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki movies, such as Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky.

10/31: Jump #INKTOBER

9/31: broken #INKTOBER

Rock, horse, rock.

8/31: rock #INKTOBER

7/31: lost #INKTOBER

I found your sock.

6/31:Hidden #INKTOBER

5:31: Sad #INKTOBER

4/31: Hungry #INKTOBER

3/31: Collect #INKTOBER

2/31: Noisy #INKTOBER

1/31:Fast #INKTOBER

Minnesota Women's Press Article about Alicia Schwab

My artwork is featured in the September 2016 issue of MN Women's Press! The asked me if they could use my art for their cover of the mag. and directory. For the full article click:

Water bucket for water media paint

If you paint with water color or acrylic paints, you will need to clean out your brush when changing colors. I find the water buckets the art stores offer, too small. For acrylics, I'd rather use a bigger container. I like this bucket because it has handles which makes it easier to transport to the studio.

Simply take a sponge holder (from the sink), flip it over and suction cup to the inside of the bucket. Your sink will never miss it! And now you can work the paint out of the brush or keep your brush moist when not in use.


I have my loot ready for the Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators Summer conference in Los Angeles.

New website

Check out my spiffy new site at the same URL:

Book cover

This guy is ready to fly! See you at the LA 16'SCBWI Conference. ‪#‎la16scbwi‬‪#‎scbwi‬‪#‎aliciaschwab‬‪#‎spaceboy‬

Paths to Publication

4/9: Writer's Fair: Chanhassen, MN

I'm super excited to presenting with Ann Page at the Carver County Library Writer's Fair in Chanhassen, MN! My keynote presentation be about the benefits of using illustrations in books.

New postcard

I love my new postcards!

Giant sneeze on the Sky Farm

This farm scene is finished. Acrylic and digital paint. I love painting vegetables, buildings and flying cows. lol

Giant sneeze

Work in progress. A giant's sneeze blows away the sky farm.

Let's go fly a kite

Inspired by the Winter Kite Flying Festival at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.