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Alicia's art on display at the Owatonna Arts Center

Starting the 9th of Sept. and running through the 1st of Nov. is a Children's-Book Illustrators Guild of MN exhibition at the Owatonna Arts Center in Owatonna, MN.

Owatonna Arts Ctr.
435 Garden View Ln,
Owatonna, MN

The title of the show is "A Child's Hope" and the theme includes scenes and images from the children who resided at the Owatonna Orphange as wards of the state until the institution was closed in the mid-1940's. Being that the location of the exhibition is housed in part of the former orphanage, it seemed like a logical choice of subject for the show.

Life for the children at the orphage was no better than at any of the other institutions that held children in that era. The children were fed, clothed but not nurtured. During its history, the Owatonna Orphanage housed around 500 children at any one time. There was a constant flow of children coming to stay and leaving. But some children spent their entire childhood there never to have experienced family lif…

Meet Alicia Schwab Illustration

I have been an illustrator for many years now. My goal is to become a published illustrator and write for children's picture books. I actually started writing and illustrating picture books as a kid. I would go to my Dad's Apple computer printer and swipe a bunch of the accordion folded paper (the only paper you could use with the printer), the kind with the holes punch along the edges to help the printer feed the paper through. It made the perfect, pre-folded 2-page spreads for my little books. It kept me busy for many hours. My love for picture books is still strong even after all these years. There is something magical about them for me. The way that they are able to engage a child's mind into their fantasy worlds'. Just for a short time, and then spit them out again at the end of the book as a richer, more imaginative person. 'Read it again!', cries the child eager for more. This is the kind of magic I try to create when crafting my stories and illustrations.