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Cat Fairy

Dribble... splatter... drip! This is part of a growth chart I painted on board. Metric measurements on the left and the equivalent in inches on the right. I piled on the paint, squirted it down with water, watched it ooze here run over there. I even strapped a bubblegum pink hair dryer (that I've had since the '80’s) to speed up the drying process. Oh, what fun it is!


This is how I play, I dabble with my paints and combine different media to see what the result might be.

Spot Illustration "Art Director"

Today, just for fun - I played around in Photoshop to make a duotone out of this line drawing. I added just enough pizazz to make it pop.

Spot Illustration - "Crush"

Spot Illustration - "May the Words Dance from Your Fingertips"

SCBWI member

Do you want to see more? Come see more of my illustrations at SCBWI website:

Where is Mrs. Merryweather's Letter?

I am currently taking a "Children's Picture Book" art class at the moment. It has been a lot of fun and hard work so far. I am learning so much about the craft of creating images for this fascinating medium that marries art and literature onto the page.
In this spread, I used an excerpt from the book, "Mrs. Merryweather's Letter, Tales from Fern Hollow" by John Patience. Mrs. Merryweather (duck) has just gotten off the train and hands her ticket to Mr. Twinkle (starfish) before leaving the station. All throughout the book her letter blows around the village, but so far the duck has not noticed. I had a good time playing with the perspective and shadows in this piece.

Good Grief

More great news! I recently did the cover-art for a this book, "Good Grief, Finding Peace After Pet Loss", by Sid Korpi, now available in stores and online.
If you have a pet, you can fully understand how these creatures can touch our lives and make our day a little brighter. The death of a beloved pet can be devastating. This books helps the reader move through their emotions and gather the courage to become a pet owner again.

New Book Release

I am happy to announce my latest book for Y/A non-fiction: Great Group Skits, 50 Character-Building Scenarios for Teens, by Lynn Grasberg and Gina Oldenburg, © 2009 Search Institute Press. The book includes 6 of my chapter-head illustrations, and is my debut into the world of Children's Book publishing. Now available online from the Search Institute Press.
GALLERY SHOW Oct. 1st -- Nov. 21st 2009. (Reception: Oct. 3rd 2-4pm) The Depot Gallery (418 Levee St. RedWing, MN 55066. tel. 651-388-7569) will be showing 2 pieces from this book. Please come join us down in Red Wing and enjoy the beautiful fall colors along the Mississippi River.

Lucky Leprechauns

Don't let the Leprechauns fool you, they have ten differences hidden between them.      This illustration-puzzle is featured in the 3rd issue of the "Just Coz' " online newsletter. This is the first issue to publish my art online for Smiths Medical. However, my illustrations have been published in 5 previous print publications of this newsletter. 
     Each issue is designed to help consumers manage their diabetes more effectively. Whereas, the kids section is geared toward providing an upbeat, fun activity to help them cope with this daunting disease.

"Blue-Bicycle Fantasies"

This is my submission, titled "Blue-Bicycle Fantasies", for the 2009 Competition & Exhibition by the Minnesota Society of Children's Book and Illustrators (MNSCBWI) and the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts (MCBA), Participating artists and illustrators had five poems to choose from, these poems were the winners of a May 2008 Children's Poetry Contest.      I chose to illustrate the poem "Two-Wheeler" by Jane Thomas Noland,  because riding my bike was one of my favorite things to do when I was little. I have the battle-scars on my knees from learning how ride my bike on our gravel driveway.      Our quiet neighborhood provided my friends and I many happy hours of leisurely coasting through the one street and half-a-dozen cul-de-sacs. The return trip back to my house required going down a steep hill. This provided me many exhilerating opportunitues to test my abilities and skills at speed without breaking my neck in the process.      I am honored th…

In the news...

This is a banner that I created for the City of Plymouth in 2007 which was featured this month in the newspaper"Plymouth News", of January/February of 2009. This banner was the 2nd place winner in their 1st annual "Plymouth Art Banner Contest". The banners are hung each year in the fall along Plymouth Blvd. in the City Center area of town.
     The piece titled, the"Yellow Sapling" represents the new trees the city has planted in the last years in the area to help preserve the beauty of our town. My intent for this piece of art was to show the serenity of nature. Plymouth has a lot of beautiful parks, gardens and nature areas throughout town for the public to enjoy.