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Hurray, Plymouth Banners are here!

It's that time of year again, when local artists create banners to be displayed along Plymouth Blvd. in Plymouth, MN.
This banner was my contribution in 2007, and took 2nd place in their 1st annual "Plymouth Art-Banner Contest". Every fall since, Plymouth has displayed this banner along with other new and existing banners. The January/February '09 newspaper, "Plymouth News" also featured the banner in an article pertaining to the contest.
The piece titled, the"Yellow Sapling" represents the new trees the city has planted in the last years in the area to help preserve the beauty of our town. My intent for this piece of art was to show the serenity of nature. Plymouth has a lot of beautiful parks, gardens and nature areas throughout town for the public to enjoy.

Book Award

The award-winning book, "Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss" by Sid Korpi, cover art by Alicia Schwab has recently won again. The award for "Best Book of the Year; category: Self Help" by the 2010 Premier Book Awards. Congrats to Sid Korpi!

Congrats to Sid Korpi!

I would like to congratulate Sid Korpi. Her book, Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss, has won an Independent Publishers Book Award (category: Pets)!

Earlier this year, the same title was awarded the Reader Views 2010 Reviewers Choice Award (category: inspiration & spirituality). Yippee!!


I've always been fascinated with toucans. But more as a wild bird not as a pet. They are amazing birds and need to stay in their tropical home habitat. The native peoples regard them as a bridge between the living and spirit worlds.
I always wondered how they can fly with such an oversized beak? The beak is actually made out of a honeycomb of bone to remain light weight. They use it to peel and eat fruit but also eat insects and occasionally young birds, eggs or lizards. And because it is 7.5 inches (19 cm) long they can use the beak to reach fruit on branches that are too small to support their own weight.

Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!

Today it is snowing, here in Minneapolis. So here is a little reminder of some of the wonderful ways to enjoy winter.
St. Paul is hosting another Winter Carnival. Come join us as we frolic in the snow and ice.
Oh yeah... "Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!" is how you say "Happy New Year" in German. This is a spot illustration I did in 2005, for the Germanic-American Institute in St. Paul as part of a series of "gift shop" items that are for sale on . All proceeds go to the GAI-MN,

January/February SCBWI Bulletin

I am happy to announce that the latest SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators) Jan/Feb Bulletin has featured three of my illustrations. (see pg. 6, 13, & 36). It was a joy to come up with submissions for the publication, and I am honored that they were able to use three of them.
I drew this little baby boy while visiting a indoor toddler-play-area at a local mall. (In Minnesota we have to put parks inside to help abate the effects of "cabin fever" from being cooped up in our homes over the long, winter months). This little boy was so intent and fixated on the little truck. Just learning to crawl, he was using all of his might to inch over to the toy that was just out of reach. Sometimes he would roll over onto his back and rest a bit, before trying again. I admired his patience and perseverance.