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The Yggdrasill is an immense ash tree from old Norse mythology. Its uppermost branches reach up into the heavens and is said to actually support them. A very large golden Rooster sits at the tippy-top to warn of any danger. While the roots hold all the wisdom for the people to use.

I am fascinated with old stories and their power to captivate people through the eons. What is it about a story that makes it stand the test of time? Nowadays, we have so much information flowing through our daily activities it can be overwhelming. It is sometimes nice to sit for a moment and ponder how we communicated ideas long, long ago.

eleven eleven eleven

Today has a funny date so I put it in the title. I was pleased to see the sun again today. I know Minnesota doesn't get as dreary as some other parts of the world but I really missed the sun the last days.

The sun is low and lazy this time of year. We are about six weeks away from the winter solstice. And even though that marks the shortest amount of daylight for the year, it seems that November and February are the darker months. Today we didn't have a cloud in the sky, how lovely.


So it is hard to say how long the Spoon and Fork have been separated, (it's a very old story) but I can tell you for sure that Dish didn't know about this... until now.


The Dish ran away with the Spoon until... they came to a fork in the road.

Thanks Nina, for your wonderful pun. I decided to run with it. This presents an exciting turn of events! Not only did the story continue, but added another valuable piece from the dinner set that has been missing for all these centuries. But why is the fork crying, you ask?


And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

Here are all the cast of characters. My question was: why did the table settings run away? Also, how did everyone else react to this?

The great thing about also writing for children's books is the perspective it gives me on how a story is constructed. My art instructs my writing as well as my writing instructs how I create an image. It's fun to explore. Sometimes they come out at the same time, and I have to scurry between both illustrating and writing to find the meaning of what I am trying to communicate.


Well... o.k. so I'm behind already. I am doing my best to post sketch or color study per day. Yesterday I spent time with my family. They are important to me too. Here is the color study from the dog sketch.

The first six images are meant to go together, hence the similar color palette. This is my take on the poem, "Hey Diddle, Diddle". I tried to delve deeper between the lines of the poem to bring out more of the story behind the musical cat, the hyper cow, the laughing dog and the delinquent table settings. It's an odd assortment of characters that has always intrigued me.