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Showing posts from November 13, 2011


After the party, cake and ice cream its always good to "go get your wiggles out". So what better way than with a baseball game? And when the pitcher stands this close there is even a chance that I could hit the ball.


Surprise!... I have introduced a new character. The birthday boy. I hope he likes his presents...


If you scroll down to post "thirteen" you will see that this new sketch is a continuation of that group of characters. This would be for a board book or a book for pre-schoolers with a very simple, rhythmic story line.

In this scene, the characters have just arrived at their destination, a birthday party. But who is it for, you ask?


We interrupt this exciting series of blog posts with a visit from Jan Brett on her 2011 Bus Tour for her new book, "Home for Christmas". It is important to take breaks and get out of the studio to get inspiration. And this was well worth the effort. The folks at The Bookcase in Wayzata, MN did a good job organizing the event.
 I was very pleased to get my photo-opp. with Jan. She's really nice!
I am not much for heels, but I love these shoes! These eskimo high-heels  are very groovy. :-)

My dear friend, Nina Crittenden also made it to the event. We had a good time!


This sketch is aiming at the market for the very young readers. This one of a series of character sketches where I draw the characters having fun together as friends.